Call for png government to nullify controversial land law

The opposition Labor’s Land Minister, Jarrid Javid has proposed a bill to nullify the controversial Land Registration Amendment Bill 2015, saying it will be implemented if a majority of MPs vote in favour.

The bill would require the Minister to issue a notice to any owner who does not register land in time and the deadline for action being extended by three months.

The proposal comes amid mounting opposition to the proposed bill, with Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese calling it « savage » and saying the changes will make it impossible to build on « the earth that we all know and love ».

The draft bill states that « by not giving notice to all owners, including those who are not currently interested in registering land, there will be serious negative consequences for local communities who rely on the public sector to provide infrastructure for their own local economy, with significant impacts for the farmers, fishermen and the land management sector ».

Under the proposed changes, the minister would no longer be able to extend the deadline for action if he or she determines the owner does not attend a meeting on the issue, or « does not attend at all ».

It is understood that the minister has requested that the bill not be approved for debate. Labor and the Coalition have refused to back the bill.

« If this legislation is passed through the House of Representatives, I do not think there is any way it will pass the senate, but더킹카지노 if this legislation is passed, that doesn’t mean there is not any chance at all it will become law, » Mr Javid said.

He said if it is approved in the senate by another chamber, the legislation would become law, saying it would set a « dangerous precedent that will create a perverse incentive for people like myself not to take action against the wrong person ».

Mr Albanese said if the measure passes through the Senate, he would introduce a bill to have all legislation submitted to the governor, who would decide whether to allow it to be signed by the president or카지노 사이트 not.

« Our government has consistently demonstrated its commitment to tackling the root cau우리카지노se of poverty across Australia – we’re here to ensure people can own property, » he said.

A recent government-commissioned study found that only around one in 20 Australians owned a house, while more than half of people aged 35 and over owned their first home.

The report warned a failure to register new land is an economic and time-consuming task that can take about 15-18 months t

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