Police seek help finding missing sun coast man

MANILA — An 18-year-old who is missing after a missing-persons case and possibly the manhunt that went on for hours at the time of the missing man is likely to be found alive.

The victim was last seen driving a red car in Pasig City around 4:15 a.m. Thursday.

Nguyen Thanh Hoang, 22, told reporters Friday he may have gone to his grandmother’s home after the missing man카지노 was reported missing.

Nguyen Thanh Hoang (left) who was last seen missing on June 18th.

Hoang said he may have gone to his grandmother’s ho바카라 룰me, which is located at 590-533 Pajero Ave.

A source who answered the call of the victim’s cell phone said it was switched off but that he was calling from the neighbor’s building and was asked to come 광주출장마사지back.

The source also said that the man told police the incident had happened at a park and that it took place as they were walking toward his house when he ran into a white pickup truck with two men inside.

A resident on the block, who did not want to be named, said she heard banging and someone screamed.

She said she and her neighbors had been seeing the two men walk into the neighborhood, but never saw them in the neighborhood that day.

The woman said they saw the man’s truck come through their yard and disappear and that the truck came right off the property without stopping.

« I can’t believe he’s gone, » she said. « How they could do it without calling the police first is kind of scary. »

No arrests have been made in the case so far, said Superintendent Luis Tien Phong.

Anyone who has information about Nguyen Thanh Hoang is urged to contact the police chief at 704-471-4770, or the crime investigation division at 945-933-2272.

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