Volunteers sought for driver reviver program

By Matt Dolan, The Cincinnati Enquirer

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Three weeks ago, the Cincinnati City Council approved a resolution that calls on the city to support the efforts of local volunteer drivers to drive people to their destination, according to the city’s news release.

According to City Council Vice President Mark J. Grosvenor Jr., the city recently partnered with the Toledo, Ohio Community Alliance to provide a pilot program for바카라사이트 three drivers to use in a city, with a goal of expanding to eight more cities.

« When we started this, we realized it was something that could be useful for the entire city, » he said.

The program – set to take place Sept. 21 – would allow drivers to choose their own routes. « That would help keep cars off the road, » Grosvenor said. « And then there’s traffic. »

One driver, Joe Mancuso, was a driver when he took 카지노 사이트his kids to their soccer game this spring. He used a volunteer route, so no one could get in his way. Mancuso said it was an eye-opener.

« I’m a big believer in people walking down the street, looking down and asking, ‘Do you want to go down that road?,' » he said. « There are so many wonderful options and not enough people doing that. »

Mancuso used his volunteer route the day of the start of the program, where they went to the CTA’s downtown station and a nearby McDonald’s. A family friend, also a driver, used the same route to get him to a dow바카라사이트ntown park and a downtown pharmacy.

« It was amazing, » Mancuso said. « They both had one of their kids out there on the side of the road, and I was able to have my car in front of everyone else to go where I felt was best for that child. »

It was a program developed as an experiment, but City Council members said if the program is completed, it would make sense to do it more often to reduce traffic and also to save drivers from having to use the designated, fast-travel lanes, which require a ride of one to two minutes.

In the final year of its pilot, the city is planning to expand it to 10 other cities and will spend $2 million to help fund the program. The city is also looking at making more stops in and around the center of downtown.

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